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Westinmusic International B.V. is a Leo Westermeijer Company

Leo’s love of music and the joy and inspiration he finds in those who make and create the music is a hallmark of his life.  
His philosophy is simple---music connects---and this is evident in everything he does.

When living and working in Chicago, and through close cooperation with Paul Acket (owner of the North Sea Jazz Festival), Leo created special performances and venues for well known Dutch, American, and Canadian artists.

He has worked with Thérèse Steinmetz, Herman van Veen, The Rosenberg Trio, André Rieu, Ruud and Pim Jacobs, Rita Reys, Wim Koopmans, The Skymasters, Laura Fygi, Matt Dusk, Manhattan Transfer, Tony Bennett, Art Porter Jr., Jacky Allen, Joan Collaso, Patricia Barber, Judy Roberts, Arturo Sandoval, Johnny Frigo, and Bobby Irving (Miles Davis).

In addition to concerts and special events, he promoted artists through CDs, DVDs, radio, television, PBS programs and worked with Philips, Polygram, Sony, and Universal Music Group among others.

Leo Westermeijer

Leo produced concerts and musical events in Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Manila, Singapore, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and various cities in the U.S., and even a ‘concert in the sky’ aboard a KLM flight from Chicago to Amsterdam, with live music in first class, enjoyed by all on this flight.

Leo was executive producer of the ‘Festival of the Century’ (Feest van de Eeuw) for the famous Dutch soccer club Feyenoord.  
Playing to a packed stadium the performers included Kool and the Gang, Sister Sledge, Charice Pempengco, Lee Towers, Loes Luca, Frederique Spigt, Gerry Marsden, René Shuman & Angel Eye, Gerard Cox, Jacky van Dam, The Sensational Gospel Choir, and The Hermes House Band.  Special guests included soccer greats Wim Jansen, Coen Moulijn, and Johan Cruyff.  

In the Netherlands, on a stage set on the famous Maas River in Rotterdam, Leo produced a concert for Gloria Estefan who performed with her orchestra.

Monitors were set up along the river for tens of thousands to enjoy this unique event.

And at the famous Ahoy arena in Rotterdam, he produced the ‘Havengala’ (the event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the world famous Port of Rotterdam---the largest port in the world for 42 years).

This show featured world renowned opera singer Inessa Galante, Dutch singer Sandra Reemer, trumpet virtuoso, Arturo Sandoval, and the legendary singer / song writer Michel Legrand.

Last but not least, Leo was CMO of the world famous Metropole Orkest. Leo may be contacted at e-mail: info@westinmusic.nl

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